Summary of improvement ideas and methods for production line of Guanhou

Summary of improvement ideas and methods for production line of Guanhou
In the analysis of production line improvement, enterprise demand can be divided into three categories.

1 、Product processing and other steps that can create value。

2 、It does not create value, but in the existing technology, handling, loading and unloading do not create value, which can be cancelled immediately。

3 、Eliminate the third type of activities, reduce the second type of activities, increase and expand the first type of activities, and improve the production line。

According to the above analysis of guanhou intelligent enterprise activities, combined with the cost of investment to achieve these functions, we can use the value analysis rules to improve and improve the value. Lean production can produce high quality, low cost, fast and stable products, and the production method is flexible and innovative.

Lean production

一、Guidelines for improvement of production site

The key technology to realize balanced production in lean production is process production mode, which is a multi process production mode configured by product category. The product can flow in a single piece in the production process. Process production refers to the whole manufacturing process from raw materials input to finished product production. The parts are always in the flow state of no stagnation, no accumulation and no catch-up, which requires low cost, high quality and high quality High service, high production, eliminate the waste of all links: improve the working environment. Improve work efficiency, achieve the balance of production line, and strive to achieve the four exhaustion (owner satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and social satisfaction). One of the important characteristics of lean production is that practice is higher than theory. It comes from the production site, and is a product of practice, practice, thinking and perfection in the production site.

Before the improvement of the production site, the crown monkey intelligence should evaluate and measure the production site, evaluate and measure the production site realistically, fully understand the current situation, optimize the unreasonable action factors, reduce the operation time and eliminate the bottleneck. The main measures that can be taken are as follows

1、Improve the bottleneck process, such as adding or improving tooling, improving equipment performance, etc

2、Carry out operation analysis and action research to eliminate unnecessary operation and improve the efficiency or function of bottleneck process staff

3、Increase bottleneck process staff

4、Share the work content of bottleneck process with other processes

5、Merge the related processes and re-examine the process number

6、Merge the process with short partition time into other processes

二、The improvement method of production line should follow the following principles。

1、It is conducive to the reduction of the number of people

2、It is beneficial to the operator's work

3、Conducive to the control of logistics and information dissemination

4、Good for quality assurance

5、It is conducive to the development of total productive maintenance (TPM)

6、It is conducive to the realization of standard operation

7、It's good for security

Four improvement ideas of production line

1、Balancing the production line balancing will average all workstations on the production line and adjust the workload to use technical means and methods as close as possible to each working time. Reorganize the whole work content, adjust with the target rhythm, communicate with the technology, production and other relevant departments in each work content adjustment, so as to improve the operability of the activity.

2、Optimize process

The product movement is uninterrupted, does not pile up, does not overtake, does not land. Formulate action plans to create value-added activity flow without stop, diversion, cross, return, waiting and waste, and create value flow. The purpose of optimizing process flow is to reduce and eliminate unreasonable and non value-added process contents, methods and processes through on-site macro analysis, design optimized, economic and reasonable processes, and shorten the manufacturing cycle.

3、Movement analysis

Action analysis is the action elements of the research and analysis personnel in various work operations, which can eliminate invalid actions, make the operation simple, efficient, economic and improve work efficiency. In order to simplify the operation of finding invalid action, waste or unsafe factors of operators, reduce fatigue of workers and improve operation safety, it is suggested to formulate standard working procedures. The production process arrangement must comply with the economic principle of process route.

The shorter the route, the better

Reduce stagnation and eliminate false accusations

No retrograde, no crossing

No island processing

Reduce the number of actions

Both hands move at the same time, the data collected in the production process should be real, timely used, analyzed and judged, the problems should be solved in time, and the feedback should be tracked.

Implement & lt; "Three present"; mechanism

Take the scene as the center, deal with the & lt; "Three present"; Full participation mechanism& ldquo; "Three present"; It is required to deal with the abnormal situation quickly and effectively to achieve efficient service. Five golden rules of production site improvement:

If there's a problem, go to the scene first

Check the scene where the problem occurred

Take immediate and temporary measures

Find the real cause of the problem, and formulate permanent countermeasures

Verify the effectiveness of permanent action countermeasures and standardize them to avoid the recurrence of similar problems。