Guanhou Staff start COVID-19 vaccine rollout

On March 25, 2021, the personnel department of crown monkey intelligent Shanghai operation center organized 20 employees to go to the community health service center to receive the new crown vaccine. This is the second group of capuchin. It is reported that the third and fourth groups of personnel will also be vaccinated later. At present, 40 employees have been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine to establish an immune barrier for work and life.

Guanhou Staff start COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Since the vaccination of the new crown vaccine, more than 70 million doses of the new crown vaccine have been inoculated in China, and 2.6 million doses have been inoculated in Shanghai. Due to novel coronavirus pneumonia, almost all people have been allergic to new crown pneumonia due to the overall environment and situation in recent two years. At present, no one has immunity against the new coronavirus, and is generally susceptible to the new coronavirus. After the onset of the disease, some people will worsen to severe, critical illness or even death. Therefore, the best way to prevent and control is to vaccinate with the new crown vaccine. On the one hand novel coronavirus pneumonia can be acquired by most people after vaccination. On the other hand, through orderly inoculation, immune barrier can be gradually formed, which can block the spread and prevalence of new crown pneumonia, and it is a wonderful way. At present, the new crown vaccine is free for people aged 18-59 in China. As long as you bring your ID card to the community health service center, you can get the vaccine. After the vaccination, you can stay for 30 minutes. If you feel uncomfortable, you can see a doctor immediately.

At present, all the new crown vaccines are inactivated vaccines, which need to be inoculated twice, with no interval of 28 days. After 28 days of full vaccination, more than 90% of the recipients will produce antibodies, and the protective effect is obvious. There are also a small number of people after vaccination site swelling, induration, pain or fatigue, fever, nausea and other symptoms, usually without treatment, generally 1-2 days to recover.