We specialize in designing and manufacturing intelligent industrial automation whole plant equipment systems. We are a leading company in this field. We provide customizable solutions for each customer.

Crown Monkey has gone through 19 years of ups and downs and ushered in his Pentium era. In my opinion, this is inseparable from the support and recognition of Guanhou products and services from customers in various industries.

So far, we have conducted business cooperation with more than 230 enterprises and institutions around the world, and continue to forge ahead towards higher goals. We will continue to uphold the following principles: bend yourself into the game, take a responsible attitude, and serve the new and old customers well.

In this ever-changing market, Crown Monkey provides the best solutions to various industries every year and continues to make new progress. We are confident to meet the needs of each customer according to the characteristics of each industry. Crown Monkey explores new areas in its own way to meet the challenges brought by the increasing number of innovations.
Guanhou's mission is to provide high-quality, effective, safe and reliable best innovative products and solutions to manufacturers around the world. And it is the goal of the enterprise to meet the endless demand for intelligent production in the world.
Innovation is one of our basic values. We have never forgotten that the founder of our company was a technician. Innovation is our indispensable quality, because smart production is an endless pursuit, which requires us to continue to make better performance. Innovation is the lifeline of Crown Monkey. The constant desire to explore the limits of knowledge keeps pushing us to obtain new opportunities and create truly distinctive and exciting products and services, always one step ahead.



Guanhou Founded

The start-up team established Guanhou Smart in Shanghai, and established the enterprise spirit of "being responsible for entering the market", and meeting the endless demand for intelligent production in the world as the company's development goal. The Guanhou Smart team strives to be a leader in all walks of life. Intelligent Manufacturing provides high-quality conveying equipment to convey Chinese quality to all parts of the world.


Jiading Jiangqiao Production Base

With the unremitting efforts of all colleagues, Guanhou Intelligent has attracted the recognition of many customers with its professional design advantages, strong manufacturing capabilities and considerate installation and commissioning services, which has greatly improved the reputation of the industry. With the continuous expansion of orders, Guanhou Intelligent established a production base in Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, to provide customers with more intimate automated delivery turnkey services.


Qingpu established production base

Twelve years of hard work has enabled Guanhou Intelligent to develop into a leader in the intelligent transportation industry. The company’s senior management decided to move the production center in Jiading to Qingpu District, which is the city of "Jiangnan Bridge Township", in order to provide customers with better services. Upgraded factories and strong strength have attracted more talents, and more and more customers come here. Guanhou Intelligent has become more and more famous in the industry with its high-quality services, and it has become a leading company in all walks of life. The preferred partner.


Jinshan Production Base

In 2016, we adjusted our thinking in time and established a new production base in Jinshan District, Shanghai, with a total area of 8,600 square meters. At this time, the product and service scope of Guanhou Intelligent has covered many industries such as food, new energy, light industry, precision industry, household appliances, etc. , And established a good market reputation in product quality and after-sales service, laying a solid foundation for further development and growth.


Nantong attracts investment to build a large-scale production base

On July 17, 2017, the core management of Guanhou Intelligent led production elites to Qutang Town, Jiangsu Province, known as "Jinjiangyan, Yinqutang", and actively responded to the government's call to establish Jiangsu Guanhou Intelligent Control Equipment Co., Ltd., and invested 100 million yuan to build 20,000 square meters of workshops. Since then, the Guanhou intelligent production team has reached more than 200 people, with more than 150 sets (sets) of production and testing equipment such as cutting equipment, lathes, milling machines, grinders, punching machines, etc., serving more than 130 industries.


Songjiang Research Center was established

Talents are the core driving force for the development of an enterprise. In 2018, Guanhou established the Guanhou Intelligent R&D Center in Songjiang District, Shanghai, which has the reputation of "Roots of Shanghai". It has absorbed many outstanding professional design and R&D talents. To lay a solid foundation for responding to the increasingly diversified market demand in the future.

Employee style

We are always looking for talented project directors, electrical engineers, anyone who is passionate about work can do it Join our team