Crown Guanhou Intelligent exhibit the next day live coverage


Qingdao meat show opened yesterday, crown monkey intelligence also with 135 flat-packed booth stunning debut! In this exhibition, Crown Monkey Intelligent carries a number of meat processing equipment, which has attracted the attention of the industry, but also attracted the attention of new and old customers. During the crown monkey intelligent exhibition, received professional audience from all over the world, many old customers saw the crown monkey intelligent exhibition expressed very happy, but also look forward to the crown monkey more wonderful performance. Some customers said: the exhibition of the transmission line equipment manufacturers, the crown monkey intelligent conveyor line is the leading industry benchmark, "crown monkey intelligent design department and production department of the cow! ""Innovation is the first productivity this sentence is shown by you in full ah!"


September 15-17, 2021 "Great Manor - 2021 (19th) China International Meat Industry Exhibition", exhibition area of nearly 70,000 square meters, from more than 1000 domestic and foreign meat enterprises to display the latest fresh meat, conditioning meat, frozen meat, deep-processed meat products, leisure meat products, slaughtering equipment, processing equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials, cold chain logistics equipment, food ingredients and production facilities. The exhibition invited tens of thousands of industry enterprises to visit the scene to discuss, build production and marketing exchange and cooperation platform. Crown Monkey Intelligent Booth No. S5 Hall 001 booth, look forward to your arrival!