"Pad River" wheels go out to India and Brazil

Recently, in 2021, Chongqing smart factory and digital workshop list was officially announced, from Tiansan Pharmaceuticals, Jeli wheels, Xingfa Gold Crown and other 3 enterprises, won the city-level intelligent factory recognition. This means that Padjiang achieved the county-level intelligent factory zero breakthrough. "At present, we are driving digital transformation across the region with 'scenario enterprise, enterprise platform, platform industrialization, data factorization'." Fu Qiang, party secretary and director of the Development and Reform Commission of Shijiang County, Chongqing, said that by actively cultivating the new ecology of the digital economy in the whole region, the trend of innovation and development of digital economy in the county has continued to improve.


Intelligent so that the wheels sell well at home and abroad

Chongqing Jet Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which has been recognized as a municipal smart factory, has put into operation its intelligent plant No. 1 since it started the intelligent transformation in 2018. It uses the industry's leading motorcycle aluminum alloy wheel intelligent production line, so that the annual production capacity of enterprises reached 7 million pieces. Walk into the smart factory, no machine roaring, no dust flying. In this automated, intelligent, information-based, green intelligent factory, not only has the most advanced intelligent production line, but also used the industrial Internet platform - staff to understand the production line equipment operation, product quality, energy consumption and so on, only need to pass a display can be seen at a glance. Under the intelligent holding, enterprises achieve a 30% increase in productivity, quality loss and energy loss are reduced by 20%.

With excellent performance in quality, Jetli wheels are currently among the best in the domestic aluminum wheel market share, for the Indian hero, Brazil Honda and other international brands and many domestic brands motorcycle vehicle matching, has formed a city, domestic and overseas-based three major market systems. In the first quarter of this year, the output value of Jetli wheels reached 260 million yuan, foreign exchange income of 22 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 30% YoY, to achieve production and sales, ushered in the "open door red." According to the plan, the second plant of the Jemli Hub Smart Factory is scheduled to start production by the end of this year, when the enterprise will achieve an annual production capacity of 12 million pieces of aluminum alloy wheels.


More than 600 companies have a "cloud"

Jeeli wheels are just a microcosm of the "intellectual creation" of the Padjiang River. Last year, by building a inclusive industrial Internet platform, county enterprises are able to "up the cloud" with low threshold, low-cost conditions, to achieve digital, intelligent, networked development level of service empowerment." Over the past year, more than 600 enterprises in Shijiang County have a 'cloud'. Fu Qiang introduced that in the "up-cloud" enterprises, agriculture, services accounted for more than 40% of the industrial Internet has begun to take shape.

At the same time, the scope of this "cloud" is expanding to more regions. Near to longevity, Liang Ping, Wanzhou and other surrounding counties in Chongqing, as far as Sichuan, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia and other places, more and more enterprises are from the pad river "floating" this "cloud" to obtain benefits. By 2023, Shijiang County will complete a total of 100 listed-level intelligent transformation projects, of which more than 80% of the regulation enterprises into the digital manufacturing stage, more than 70% of the regulation enterprises into the "digital and networked" manufacturing stage, a total of 6 intelligent factories, 15 digital workshops, to promote the manufacturing industry gathering constantly accelerated, the development of quality and efficiency.


"Government-side dishes" to "corporate a la carte"

Not only for the enterprise to build a "cloud ladder", but also as a good "cloud small two." In helping enterprises to achieve digital transformation and upgrading at the same time, pad Jiang County to introduce the "pad small two" enterprise service cloud platform, really help enterprises to solve the problem. In the town of Shijiang County, Jingyu Washing Co., Ltd. in the "pad small two" with the help of the solution of financing problems. At the end of last year, the company urgently needed a sum of money to solve the land problem, through the "pad small two", the enterprise learned that an unsecured, unsecured, pure credit "advance easy loan" financial products, three days to solve the financing problem. "Through the linkage between government and banking enterprises, to promote enterprises willing to lend, banks dare to lend, platform can lend." Fu Qiang introduced that the current "pad small two" registered enterprises have reached more than 6,200, a total of 228 enterprises to achieve financing loans of 173 million yuan.

In addition to providing financial "cloud services", "Pad Two" also integrates the policy online, direct demand, employment matching and other one-stop service. Among them, "Policy Online" function has been continuously integrated in the country, city, county and other multi-sectoral more than 40 sets of preferential enterprise policies, and the initial realization of online interpretation, intelligent push and "do not meet" declaration cash. "The transformation of 'government-side dishes' into 'corporate a la carte'." Fu Qiang introduced, through the "pad small two" platform, not only improve the availability of enterprise loans, reduce the cost of enterprise financing, to assist enterprises to accurately match support policies, and implement relevant policies, to achieve "accurate direct, efficient coverage."


Fu Qiang said that Shijiang County will continue to focus on the digital countryside, smart cities, digital economy and real economy deep integration and other key areas, accelerate the construction of a number of new infrastructure projects, the introduction of a number of digital economic enterprises, innovation of a number of application demonstration scenarios, in the enterprise landing, talent introduction, scientific research and innovation, scene promotion, enterprise on the cloud listing and other aspects of sustained efforts to promote the county's digital development and accelerate development