Marinated production line

The marinating assembly line series are modern automatic marinating equipment tailored by our company according to customer needs and material characteristics. The whole set of equipment is equipped with automatic material transfer system, anti-floating system, overflow system, oil collection system, heating system, brine storage system, spice blending system, automatic cleaning system, automatic temperature control system, etc.; the equipment adopts frequency conversion transmission, conveying The speed is stable, the purpose of automatic continuous production is realized, and it can be adjusted at any time. In addition, the conveying net is made of high-strength high-quality stainless steel, which has a firm structure and heavy load-bearing materials. The equipment is beautiful in appearance, reasonable in structure, and convenient in operation. It is your ideal choice.

Application range:

This equipment is used for continuous marinating of meat (chicken, beef, pork, rabbit, duck, etc.) food and egg food, and has the characteristics of hygiene, high efficiency and energy saving.