Low temperature sterilization cooler

It is suitable for low-temperature sterilization and cooling of non-low acid beverages after filling and capping, and has the function of temperature recovery. The product can be adjusted from the filling temperature to room temperature to avoid condensation on the surface of the product. Because the condensed water easily rusts the canned products, causes errors in labeling and printing, and easily breaks the cartons after packing.

The function of this machine is to use water as the heat exchange medium. After the water used for sterilization passes through the tube heater, it is sprayed evenly on the surface of the bottle or can from the nozzle. After the product itself is raised to the predetermined sterilization temperature, it passes through the cooling zone. Use water to spray the product to adjust the temperature of the product to room temperature. All the water can flow back to the tank at the bottom for recycling.