Plastic frame dryer

  • Model: GH-HGJ

  • Function: The drying conveyor is equipped with a hook, and there are adjustable box size ribs to prevent it from falling during drying, and the basket will automatically stop when it is full. Material: The frame is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Application range: Continuous drying treatment of various turnover boxes

  • Drying method: heat-resistant fan, RV cast aluminum energy-saving reducer for the reducer, dry-burn-proof electric roasting tube or finned steam heat exchanger for the heating tube, and double-layer thermal insulation shell for the equipment box, circulating Air drying equipment size: 9000×1200×2200 (customized according to the size of the cabinet)

  • Heat transfer area: 15.7 (m2) Speed: 50 (r/min)

  • Supporting: Inverter speed regulation and temperature control

  • Electrical appliances: Siemens PLC touch screen

  • Voltage: 380V Power: 5.5KW