Stretch film packaging machine

The automatic stretch film packaging machine can automatically make bags, automatically print the production date and batch number, and automatically vacuum packaging. It truly realizes automatic packaging. The packaging bag has a wide range of specifications, length range: 60-460mm, width range: 60-600mm, packaging efficiency 1000-15000 bags per hour, by changing different feeding systems, different materials such as liquids, pastes, powders, blocks and other materials can be automatically quantitatively packaged, realizing one machine with multiple functions, high efficiency and intelligence. The main product specifications are LZ320, Models LZ420 and LZ520 can also customize equipment according to customer product specifications to maximize production capacity, avoid material waste, and save production costs.

Second, the scope of application

It is suitable for vacuum packaging or inflatable full-automatic stretch heat-sealing packaging of cooked food, fruits and vegetables, seafood, frozen meat, soy products, Chinese medicinal materials, hardware, electronic components, medical equipment, daily chemical products and other items. In addition to the randomly equipped molds, this series of packaging machines can design customized molds according to user's different product needs, or carry out stretch film packaging and pallet packaging on the same machine.