Vegetable washing machine

  • The spiral mixed water flow cleans vegetable materials, extends the cleaning path, and saves water sources.

  • The material flows out with water to reduce mechanical damage.

  • The water flow is controlled by a water pump and manual valve, which is suitable for cleaning materials with different specific gravity.

  • The bottom of the tank is equipped with a sedimentation tank to separate the sediment and impurities in the water flow, which is convenient for centralized storage and discharge.

  • The automatic water level control alarm system monitors the water level of the tank in real time and provides all-round protection.

  • Adjustable multi-directional cross-flow cleaning and spraying device to meet the processing requirements of multiple varieties of vegetables. It is specially used for cleaning floating materials. It is cleaned by interlacing and opposite water flows. The materials move in a curve, extending the cleaning path and saving water.

  • The arc-shaped connecting frame is connected by a single piece of department, no water flow is stored, and it is convenient to clean.

  • The bottom is equipped with adjusting feet to adjust the equipment level up and down.

  • Rotary cage cleaning device is used for automatic removal of impurities and insects. The surface of the water stream is separated by rotation of the cylinder, and the impurities are discharged through the drain.

  • Application areas:

  • It is suitable for vegetable processing, fruit processing, agricultural and sideline product processing, and the first choice for central kitchen vegetable cleaning and processing.