Vibration Drainer

  • The vibrating drain machine is made of all stainless steel, and the vibration source is generated by the vibration exciter, so that the material is thrown up on the screen and transported regularly to play the role of vibrating drain.

  • The main structure:

  • It is mainly composed of frame body, flat grid, eccentric device, motor, electric control box, etc.

  • Features:

  • The main body of this machine is made by bending 6mmSUS304 stainless steel plate;

  • Conveying net adopts 3mm stainless steel flat grid;

  • The base of the vibration motor is made of 20mm plate to avoid resonance and reduce noise in use;

  • The bottom of the equipment is equipped with a unified recycling device to ensure clean use of the environment;

  • Equipped with vibration noise diffusion device to reduce vibration noise;

  • For the draining of water in food and food outer packaging bags and the even distribution of products, the effect of coordinating with assembly line operation is better, saving labor and simple operation;